Dream Space

Dream Space serves as CAAPP’s most innovative creative space; in it, we host and support the development of new works by poets, scholars, poet/scholars, and other artistic practitioners whose work intersects with poetry and poetics. Visiting guests will be afforded the time and space to do research and thinking at their personal leisure, meet and collaborate with each other and area writers on new projects and work, and other events as deemed necessary. In Dream Space, we encourage cross-genre and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Residencies and Fellowships

CAAPP sponsors residencies and short-and long-term fellowships for poets, artists, and scholars of African diasporic poetry and poetics. This program is still it its roll-out phrase, but will, in the end, offer writers the opportunity to further hone their poetic craft, create and present talks and lectures, and make video and/or documentary that intersect with the African diasporic poetry and poetics. This time at the Center will range in length from one month to one year.

Documentation and Archive

The Center for African American Poetry and Poetics is an important repository for all things related to African American and African diasporic poetry. We are monument and museum, documenter and archive. Our goal is to create one of the most comprehensive archives of African American poetry resources in the country.

As consequence of, and in conjunction with, the many poet-scholars, artists, and other guests the Center will host, a collection of works created and performed will necessarily be established and put into a permanent library. Some space in the Center may be allocated for this purpose. CAAPP staff will also work with the University Librarian and their staff to collect the books of all artists who visit the Center. In addition, we video and audio record all of the readings, presentations, and symposia hosted by CAAPP.

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